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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Whether it's in my personal or my professional life,I love taking on a challenge. My programming careerstarted when I was 19 and got a job with Amazon.At this point in my career I really want to find a place where I can grow from the ground up. I find that I am starting to move back into the startup mentality. While I love where I am and the companies I have been with, there is a freedom and flexibility that startups offer, especially when you enter into themearly on. In addition to that, I feel as though I'm readyto push myself even farther and that a future in DevEvangelism is where I want to be. Shawn Looker My goal is to find a challenging career that I can utilize my vast skills and abilities I have acquired and apply them in a friendly team oriented setting. Why I'm amazing: Passionate about programming! Shawn Looker I love challenges: Bald by choice Been around the block: When I came to Zappos I joined up as a Perl developerand since then I've transitioned into a Java developer.I currently lead a team who is developing the toolsthat our customer service team will utilize to improveupon our customer experience. I am extremely passionate about creating functionality for our internalcustomers. I've worked across teams and departmentsto help this goal. 2010 to Present - Zappos: Knows that Han shot first Some bullet points: Started to program when I was 8 andstill awesome at it. I can rock out Perl, Java, JS, Sql and I'm bald I downhill skateboard and am currently training for my first triathalon. I feel as though I specialize in creating usefulinternal tools. I'm a team player. I like working with a team andbeing social and active with them instead of beingmy own island. 5697 Mahogany Run PlaceLas Vegas NV 89122 702-900-4429 I'm a down to earth person whogenerally loves what I do. I'd love the chance to chat with you. Civic tech activist I took a Python course with my 10 year old.Totally out programmed all the kids there. Completed a Ragnar Relay and Tough Mudder Professional wins at Zappos: Created a customer service tool using Lean Principals. This was a great success with our Customer Loyalty Team. I have a tendency to stick around places that I love.My most recent work is listed here, but I haveexperience in private and government sectors Designed and implemented a system to charge ordersseparately that had been split for shipping. Participated in a company wide, multi-billion dollarwarehouse management implementation plan. Found a solution for a gift card issue that had thepotential to cost Zappos millions in sales. I've been programming since I was 8 years old and have seen the progression of developmentover a really interesting cross section of time. This has given me a unique perspective to addto my considerable knowledge and skills. While I'm most well versed in Java, my foundation inprogramming lends itself well for me to easily pick up a myriad of other languages. Mentored students and developed curriculum for aa cutting edge, internal Java Bootcamp to take them from customer service to developers. Proud to be a Brigade Captain for the Code for Vegas brigade affiliated with Code for America. 2013 to Present - Code for Vegas: After seeing the work and positive change that could come from Code for America and personally meeting one of theirfellows locally, I decided I wanted to help. I was interested in working with local government to help build bettertechnology that helped Las Vegas locals. It's somethingthat I've became impassioned by and that I fully intend toto continue to advocate for in the future. Code for Vegas wins: Successfully ran several Hackathons for national hackinginitiatives. Featured in an associate press article that got national viewing. Guest speaker on the Downtown Las Vegas Tech Podcast.
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