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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Whether it's in my personal or my professional life,I love taking on a challenge. My programming careerstarted when I was 19 and got a job with Amazon.At this point in my career I really want to find a place where I can grow even more. While I've loveddevelopment I feel as though there are otheropportunities for me. Having listened to some verycompelling Dev Evangelists and really taken a look into what they do and the value that they bring todevelopers, I've decided that this is something thatI feel really passionate about and that I think I coulduse not only to push me forward, but to also help other developers while evangelizing a product andcompany that I truly believe in.While I love where I am and the companies I have been with, there is a freedom and flexibility that I feel I could only get by teaching people things and helping them create awesome products and programsthat can really make a difference in the world. It maysound idealistic, but I've found that I want to be partof something larger than just myself and a corporation. Shawn Looker My goal is to find a challenging career that I can utilize my vast skills and abilities I have acquired and apply them in a friendly team oriented setting. Why I'm amazing: Passionate about programming! Shawn Looker I love challenges: Bald by choice Been around the block: When I came to Zappos I joined up as a Perl developerand since then I've transitioned into a Java developer.I currently lead a team who is developing the toolsthat our customer service team will utilize to improveupon our customer experience. I am extremely passionate about creating functionality for our internalcustomers. I've worked across teams and departmentsto help this goal. 2010 to Present - Zappos: Knows that Han shot first Some bullet points: Started to program when I was 8 andstill awesome at it. I can rock out Perl, Java, JS, Sql and I'm bald I downhill skateboard and am currently training for my first triathalon. I feel as though I specialize in creating usefulinternal tools. I'm a team player. I like working with a team andbeing social and active with them instead of beingmy own island. 5697 Mahogany Run PlaceLas Vegas NV 89122 702-900-4429 I'm a down to earth person whogenerally loves what I do. I'd love the chance to chat with you. Civic tech activist I took a Python course with my 10 year old.Totally out programmed all the kids there. Completed a Ragnar Relay and Tough Mudder Professional wins at Zappos: Created a customer service tool using Lean Principals. This was a great success with our Customer Loyalty Team. I have a tendency to stick around places that I love.My most recent work is listed here, but I haveexperience in private and government sectors Designed and implemented a system to charge ordersseparately that had been split for shipping. Participated in a company wide, multi-billion dollarwarehouse management implementation plan. Found a solution for a gift card issue that had thepotential to cost Zappos millions in sales. I've been programming since I was 8 years old and have seen the progression of developmentover a really interesting cross section of time. This has given me a unique perspective to addto my considerable knowledge and skills. While I'm most well versed in Java, my foundation inprogramming lends itself well for me to easily pick up a myriad of other languages. Mentored students and developed curriculum for aa cutting edge, internal Java Bootcamp to take them from customer service to developers. Proud to be a Brigade Captain for the Code for Vegas brigade affiliated with Code for America. Bald by choice 2010 to Present - Zappos: 2010 to Present - Zappos: 2013 to Present - Code for Vegas: After seeing the work and positive change that could come from Code for America while personally meetingand having the pleasure of working with, one of theirfellows I decided I wanted to participate. I was interested in working with local government to helpbuild better technology for Las Vegals Locals. It'ssomething that I've came to feel very strongly aboutbecause this is my home, and where my family is.I like that I can help to advocate for positive changeand I try to inspire others to do the same. Code for Vegas Wins: Featured in an associated press article that got National viewing.Guest speaker on the Downtown Las Vegas TechPodcast.Ran several successful Hackathons.Worked on the robotics portion of the KEEN Initiative. Successfully completed the Twilio Heroes Program
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