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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sharks Gills Sharks have gills on their bodies that give them oxygen that allows them to breath. Water passes out through the gills after the gills remove the oxygen. Without gills the beautiful species of Sharks that we know today would not be with us. Sharks have many different aspects of anatomy in their obese looking bodies. So throughout this very detailed and mature info graphic you'll see manyexamples of Sharks anatomy. Diets Surprisingly the the man eating sharks we think are going to devour us all have a very considerable diet. They stick to eatingplankton, clams, crabs, sea turtles, fishes, seals, porpoises, and whales.The few times that sharks to eat humans is always an accident. Senses Did you know that sharks have have excellent hearing? Their keen sense of hearing helps them compete for prey. When they sense electrical andmagnetic fields it tells themhow far or close prey or predators are. This helps them be able to catch otherfish off guard and in resulthave a tasty snack. Fins As you already know sharks have fins that they use to swim with. But did you know that some people capture sharks and cut of their fins then let them go in the ocean. But without fins sharks can not swim and then they will die. They have three major fins, one or two dorsal fins on it's back, the anal fin beneath it's body, and the caudal fin which is the tail itself.
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