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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shareweek and ShowcaseBest Practices! PERFORMANCE Classes: Keep it short and sweet. 5 minutes is ideal! COOKING CLASS ideas:-Have foodies serve food on trays-Create a simple tasting menu-Present food on table-Display recipe books PERFORMANCE CLASS ideas: (Theatre, Music)-Incorporate small, easy to use props/costumes-Keep lines short and sweet-Teach how to project voice *As you plan, make sure your performance will translate to the audience by:-Briefly introducing the class goals-Narrating along the way-Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Shareweek is the final week of the Fall semester - January 26-30thShowcase happens during June. Your SD will reach out to with the date. SPORTS and ACTIVE MOVEMENT CLASS ideas:-Have kids lead audience in warm up!-Have kids point out muscle groups they use during different activities ART CLASS ideas:-Set up a gallery *Be creative about where and how!*Encourage kids to take home art!*Display -Kids on stage but doing nothing-Making every student speakNon-existent stage presence BEST PRACTICES:-Make it creative!-Keep it brief! 3-8 minutes *5 minutes is the sweet spot!-Rehearse and prepare! -Sound check students in spaceTEACH STUDENTS:-Language (On deck, places)-How to enter and leave-How to be a good audience member PITFALLS TO AVOID:-Neverending (share) story-I see your lips moving...but I hear nothing-Not checking tech before -Make sure share is age appropriate
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