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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 10 Most Important Enterprise SEO Search TIPS 3 2 1 Source: Joel Oleson, @joeloleson Director of Enterprise Search Strategy, BA InsightMore Enterprise Search infographics at Use Friendly File Names Use Managed Metadata Add Ratings and Likes Optimize Content Optimize Search Use Auto classification tools toextract metadata like companynames, cities, customers, IDs, products, depts and more to enhance your business data Keywords in files names,pages, and descriptions increase relevance 7 Fill in Metadata on FilesAdd Titles, Author, and Keywords 6 Key taxonomy for depts, divisions, products, customers, locations, andcompany names. Use EnterpriseContent types to expand & enforce User Experience is Key Title and Author are key forranking, refinement, andrelevance. Top for SEO.Tools can automate populating 8 Go beyond out of the Box the Enterprise Search Experts SharePoint 2013 Search SharePoint 2013 Search Not only does a good masterpage with Responsive Designreally matter, but query history,file previews, and visual refinement make a big difference(Think consumer examples) Liked and highly ratedcontent is ranked higher,boosting the search result! Optimize Content 4 Add and Use EnterpriseKeywords Column 9 Index What Matters! 10 5 Share Your Library or List as a Catalog The enterprise keywordscan be used to assist incapturing organic consistentmetadata Add Best Bets and VisualRecommended Results Connect your search service towhat really matters and will makea difference. Ask users what theyuse CRM, ERP, file storage, gettingyou closer to true Enterprise Search Products, services, terms and visually enhanced listscan benefit from being publishedas a catalog Optimize Search Good content should stand out from the crowd. Pin it to the top ofthe results, make it stimulating.Query rules can really make adifference in optimizing your results
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