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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I grew up hearing these two sayings in myhome; "Done is better than good," and "Kill two birds with one stone." These phrases can be interpreted negatively,but these phrases help me to create an efficient plan of action for any task. I've learned that some jobs just need to get done and others need to be done well. Most projects that benefit all or most parties are efficient. Care of the environmental, educational, governmental, and communal systems of our world must be priorities. Compassion Efficiency Education My father is a teacher, and philosopher. We have had many conversations about big questions and ideas. We agreed that it makes sense to become a life-long learner. You can always learn something from every experience or person you meet. This mindset paired with education made me set the goal to be a life-long learner and help others to do so as well. Education I grew up in rural Bear Lake Valley in a very religious community. I learned to serve and love others. I learned that it is best to live in faith instead of fear. Friendships and relationships with my family and community members became my focus. I learned that it is better to forgive and let go than to hold onto destructive emotions. My religious practices helped me develop good values, an open-mind, and a broader perspective. I am happier when I live a compassionate life. Relevant Teaching and Learning As life-long learners, we are also life-long teachers. I hope that my studentswill grow by teaching and learning from each other.Strong classroom communitiescan positively influence surrounding communities. Fruitful discussions inclass can lead to beneficial discussionswith family, friends, and community members. To have meaningful discussions, students must feel safe, that they belong,and comfortable talking and listening to eachother. My goal is to know all of my students namesand for each student to know each othersnames by the fourth day of our class. We will play several name and get-to-know-you activities such as: the ball name game, the hula hoop game, two-truths and a lie game, and the check-in name game. As a class, we will play most of these games in the first three or four class periods. However, I hope to continue to play the check-in game where students say for example "If I werecolor I would be red because I am feeling..." This
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