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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shannon Loerzel ISSAC NEWTON ISSAC NEWTON Sir Issac Newton was born on January 4 1643. He was a very smart person he made the theory that White is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. He also invented the telescope. He lived for 85 years which is a long time back The earth and it's motion NEWTONS FIRST LAW NEWTONS FIRST LAW An object in rest stays at rest unlessacted upon by an unbalanced forceand an object in motion will stay inmotion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force, which is "inertia" Newton's Second Law Newton's Second Law F=ma Weight Weight Universal Law of Gravity Universal Law of Gravity Tides/Moon Phases Projectile Motion Projectile Motion Projectile motion is when you throwan object or make an object airborne thegravity is trying to pull the object downif there wasn't any gravity the object wouldhave horizontal motion and if there was no forcethen it would be free-fall motion. Newton's Third Law For every action there is anopposite re-action. Meaning thatif you kick a ball your putting theforce from your leg into the ball. An act of momentum in theselected time interval. IMPULSE IMPULSE An elastic collision is one whereno kinetic energy is transferred and the objects will just bounce off of eachother Elastic Collision Elastic Collision An Inelastic collision is a collisionbetween two objects which thekinetic energy from one object istransferred to other object Inelastic Collision Inelastic Collision Momentum Equation Momentum Equation The law of conservation of motion states that motion can't just bestopped meaning that momentumhas to go somewhere. Conservation of Momentum Conservation of Momentum MOMENTUM MOMENTUM
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