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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shanghai's Population-23.9million Shanghai has 1,424 bus systems to support the jobs of the people The rise of mega cities came from people living in rural areas. The people moved from the rural areas becuase the urbanised cities had more facilities. Many people now live in the urban areas including immagrants which migrate from there country to live in the urban cities this is called urban migrants. An urban spral happens when more people are entering the megacity then there are leaving them. This is how megacities came to existence Shanghai is a very multicultural city and because of many migrants coming to shanghai many job oppertunities have opened Shanghai is managing its enviromental issues well by obtain enviromental protection kits which are used to clean the air. Shanghai has many public transport systems including 14 subways, 4 railway stations, 2 largest gate way airports, over 1000 taxis. The city of Shanghai is growing larger and larger because more people are moving to the urban areas of shanghai Shanghai's government has constructed a plan to improve the city from the on going growth of shanghai. The Government had decided to add more skyscrapers 20,000 acres of pavment. Althoguh he has a plan for the economy for Shanghai the Government has only got a few ideas for the enviromental impact of the large city. The city of Shanghai has a lack of air because most of the trees are being cleared only small house gardens and small patches of grass is being used to clean the air.
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