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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mesoamerica Final Project Inca Maya, Aztec, Inca Aztec Maya Time:1200-1521Religion: polytheistic,human sacerfice Government: Power king, made out of city states Aztec Inca Maya Time: 1200 A.D-1572 A.DReligion: polytheistic some human sacerfice.Government: there was a hiarchy The maya made the number zero = 0 and it was advance for its time. Three things people believe caused the Mayans disappearance are1. That they had a flue going around and it spread.2.They new the Spanish were coming. 3. Their religios believes. MAYAN MYSTERIOUS DISAPEARNCE How did trade impact their civilization? common people were able to trad gold, jaguar skin and food items for household items that they were not able to afford How did religion impact their culture? A lot of there GODS had to do with agriculture like sun, rain , and corps gods.How did the geography impact their culture?They all lived in different environments and each of them had to adept to their environment.Some had to adapt to less water, high altitude but each of them found a way to developed their own agriculture. double click to change this header text! They are similar because they are polytheistic, some human sacrifice , Social hierarchy , and all farm.All have kings. Picture of Key figure Capital: TenochitlanLived: Central America Capital: Maya-panLived: northern mexico Capital: CuzcoLived: Andes Of South America I believe that the flue went out and got every one happened because a monkey save it to a slave then to them. Time: 200 B.C-900 A.DReligion: polytheistic some human sacrifice Government: Made out of city-states each ruled by a noble . I am Herna Cortes. I helped the Spanish concur the Aztec in 1521 A.D. I later wrote a letter to the Spanish Emperor, back in Spain. In his letter,I said: We lodged in the chiefs house, situated in the most refreshing gardens ever seen.
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