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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Skills and Interests MICHAEL SHALYT Thinker, hacker, maker. Education Previous Occupations Awards and Activities 2014 - Present Malware Research team leader at Check Point: managingseveral research projects simultaneously (mostly PC andAndroid malware analysis, developing tools to automateparts of it) and caring for 8 team members (2 abroad). Research team leader in the IDF (unit 8200): managingseveral research projects simultaneously (for example:APT hunting) and caring for 8 team members(discharged at the rank of captain). Researcher in the IDF (unit 8200): vulnerability assessment, malware analysis, reverse engineering,product integration and support, expert consultingand research project management. Part of CT detectors R&D team at GE Healthcare:Writing Matlab algorithms to analyze data andassess theoretical models. 2010 - 2012 2005 2012 2014 2009 2013 Masters degree in quantum optics and quantuminformation (department of Physics, Technion). GPA: 94. 2005 2009 Graduated from the Technion, completing a double degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering (majoringin electro-optics and signal processing), as part of theelite army program "Psagot". GPA: 97. Graduated (with honors in physics) from a giftedchildren program ("Leo-Beck" high-school, Haifa). 2006 Intel award for excellent students. Four Presidential excellence awards. 2005 2008 Studies as part of the Technion Excellenceprogram for exceptional undergraduate students. Bronze medal for the Israeli team in the 36thInternational Physics Olympiad in Salamanca, Spain. 2005 2009 Part of a team of guides training the future Israeliphysics teams. Part of the Israeli delegation to the "Asian Science Camp". 2005 present Research in the field of theoretical quantum opticswith Prof. Orenstein's team (EE faculty, Technion).Results published. 2008 2009 2012 2012 Visiting research student at University of Ulm, Germany. Languages: Matlab, C, Python, Scheme, Mathematica, Assembly, Actionscript, Javascript, C++, Pascal, Hebrew, English and Russian. Windows internals. IDA, Olly, Windbg. Malware types and habits. Ability and will to learn new things fast. Self-education. "Breaking" games: finding winning strategies and rule loop-holes. Birth date: 06/06/1987Phone: 0506848411Address: Gat 3, Haifa, Israel.Email: Shalyt.tx@gmail.comLinks to other stuff I made: Making things - from table top war machines made out of office equipment to an algo-trading simulator written in Python. 2007 2005 Teaching, lecturing and presenting. Mission Statement 2005 I'm looking to build things - whether it's a product, analgorithm, a team or a vision - to create somethingthat did not exist before.I have an entrepreneurial spirit - I thrive in fluidenvironments that allow a high level ofindependence and influence.
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