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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shakers Gender Structure Achievements Goals Utopian Ideas Beliefs Ann Lee Joseph Meacham Societal Impact Statistics - complete celibacy- women were equal to men- simplicity of all things- suppressed individuality- duality of God, both male and female-preferred first-person religious experiences - women and men were equal in the eyes of God.- If supplying productive labor for the community, sexes did not matter- Although had equal rights, men and women lived in separate dormitories- Communal property meant equal share of the land - Screw propeller- Turbine waterwheel- Circular saw- Washing machine- First metal pen points- Common clothespin - had a revelation that she was the female counterpart and second coming of Christ- leader of Shakers- part of original group that came to America in 1774 and founded communal farm in Watervliet, New York-"Mother Ann", "Ann the Word" - leader after Lee's death- membership grew to its peak during his leadership- established new communities in 8 states- growth of the Shakers is attributed to Meacham - 18 Shaker communities in 8 states- peak membership had 6,000 Shakers- in 1905. there were 1,000 members- today, only 7 Shakers remain - 30-90 people groupedinto families- Gave their belongingsto the community and lived simply- Members were convertedor adopted at a young age - simplicity- separation of the rest of the world- Gender equality- Celibacy - communal ownership- devotion to work- Emphasis on communitynot indivivduality - various important inventions- dances and songs became folk art- their meetinghouses, furniture, and handicrafts have had a strong impact on American design-Shakers were once the largest producers of medicinal herbs double click to change this header text! The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming By: Abbey Francis and Natalie Minella
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