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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cosmology has had a huge effect on how we look at things throughouthistory. From the ancient days of Aristotle and Ptolemy to the moderndays of Stephen Hawking, the subject of cosmology has affected howpeople think. With the old model of the universe, with the Earth as itscentre and the Sun, the Moon, other planets of the solar system and thestars revolving around it, being accepted by the Church bound theimagination and curiosity of humans to look up into the sky within finitelimits. But thanks to great minds like Nicolaus Copernicus, Giordano Bruno,Galileo Galilei and many others, the study of cosmology has developed tobreak any shackles that confine one's curiosity and desire to look up tothe sky and think. We are no longer happy with unsolved mysteries. Wequestion everything in search for the answers to the origin of our universeand our ultimate fate! Join this field of study and dive deep in to explorethe oceans of mysteries of reality! [3] Work with telescopes which use state of the arttechnology to bring space closer to you! Research ontopics based on ideas such as the Big Bang, theBig Crunch, the expanding universe, singularities,space-time curvatures and many others put forwardby famous scientists like Isaac Newton,Albert Einstein, Aleksandr Freidmann, Edwin Hubble,Stephen Hawking and other brilliant scientists.Experience in this field will make you eligible forvarious related jobs at space centres, physics laboratories, privateaerospace companies, commercial and non-commercial researchorganizations, astronomical equipment manufacturers, observatories,planetariums, etc. We're HIRING Join the field of COSMOLOGYExplore the Deepest Secrets of the Universe We're HIRING Join the field of COSMOLOGYExplore the Deepest Secrets of the Universe What is COSMOLOGY? HOW and WHERE will You Work? QUALIFICATIONS and SALARIES Affecting the WORLD Current Issues Recent issues being addressed by cosmologists are finding solidmathematical and practical proofs to the already presented idea ofthe Big Bang, research to explain in more detail the ideas of cosmicinflation, horizon problem, cosmological constant problem, Baryonasymmetry, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Flow, shape of the universe, its futureetc.Get yourself in to research on these amazingly interesting topics. You could be the ONE to come up withthe answers! [1] COSMOLOGY is the study of the universe: how it began, how it hasevolved over time, its shape and structure and how it will end if it everdoes!!! In this job you will go deep in fields of physical cosmology andresearch to solve the mysteries of astronomy, theoretical physics,metaphysics and space-time. [2] STUDY COSMOLOGY! KNOW THE UNKNOWN! [4] [4] [4] [3] [4] [4] A Bachelor's Degree in physcis, astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, orengineering is the minimum requirement to get a job as a Research Assistant. Working onown research projects, directing others or teaching at a college or university would need amaster's or doctoral degree in the subjects mentioned before. Completion of post-doctoratewould enable you to specialize in a certain area in the vast field of cosmology. You canexpect to earn salaries starting from $50000 to $120000 depending on the type of job, yearsof experience and performance level. [6] [5] [7]
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