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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 State Farm Jeopardy State Farm sells, auto, life, fire and health insurance.Auto Insurance has the largest number of policies. Next Best Action (NBA) will help agents make more data-driven decisions Ed Rust Jr. State Farm and IBM have had a relationship which began in the 1920's and continues today. State Farms rank in the Fortune 500 Approximate Number ofPolicies State Farm processes daily Current CEO Policies People Data and Analytics 41 Relationships Data Center Legacy Mod. 35,000 State Farm recentlychose Kansas Cityfor its new Data Center location CEM Softwarecalled Tealeaf will helpdeliver Marketing Optimization CEM Softwarecalled Tealeaf will helpdeliver Marketing Optimization Marketing andDigital Innov. Mike Fields is the VP of Systems 1922 60% of State Farm's Legacy applications are from Product Solutions Founded by George Megerle State Farm is adding new hubs in Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta Hubs State Farm recently chose IBM's Unica (Experience one)to manage its marketing campaigns Managing Mobile Applicationsis the top priority for FSS in terms of mobile infrastructure. IBM's advanced analyticsinitiatives include RAVE and Telematics State Farm is using the federated modelapproach between its future state team and individual business lines for legacy modernization. Coding languages PL/1, Assembler,and COBOL will all be transformed as part of the Legacy Modernization initiative. The Rational Asset Analyzer (RAA) was recently awarded as a PoC tool to IBM 41 Organization Legacy Modernization State Farm is organized into 3 main areas. Systems, Business and ISD Relationships State Farm Farms 7 Strategic Initiatives 1. Data and Analytics 2. Legacy Modernization 3. Mobile 4. Security 5. AppDev 6. Cloud 7. Platform Strategy Three types of end users at State Farm. Consumers (B2C), Enterprises (B2E), Agents (B2A. Watson C&T Configure and Training) will allow STATE FARM to access the Watson Experience Manager to submit Content, create training data and access the Configuration management tools. A print out of all State Farm'slegacy code would be tallerthan the Willis Tower State Farm sells Auto, Fire, Life andHealth policies. Auto policies are their most common product IBM and State Farm began their relationship in the 1920's and it still continues today State Farm recently namedKansas City as a new locationfor one of its data centers. ISD is the are of State Farm that serves as the bridge between Business and Systems Relationships Data Policies Data is stored,managed and filtered in a "Data Reservoir"
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