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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sexual Resposiblities When some makes a positive or negative sexual decision all parts of ones health can be effected. Emotional Social and how risk taking and effect you. 1. Abstain2. Set limits for yourself3. Communicate your limits4. Stick to your limits5. Use contreception Pregnacy Physical The media has alwaystried to influence us to make negative decisions when it comesto sexuality.When we see people in movies or on TV having sex, smoking, doing drug consuming alcohol it makes it seam normal, and okay. How to managepeer pressure? Somethings thatyou can do to managepeer pressure are.- Say no- Surround yourselfwith good friend- Be a leader not a follower Carolina Garcia and Erin Bailey How can you prevent an unintended pregnacy The media and Peers can lead us to make negative decsions Signs and Symptoms This is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae Women - Greenish yellowish or whitishdischarge from the vagina- Burning or pain when urinating- The need to urinate more frequently - Vaginal bleeding between periods- Sore throat- Pain during sexual intercourse- Severe abdominal pain- Fever If not treated this can lead to pelvic inflammatorydisease, and this can lead to infertility, long term pelvicor abdominal pain. An unintentional pregnancy can effect everyone in the family. Parents Family Child Birthing expense - $1,000Child support - $90,972Your child's education - $80,000 Total Expenses $171, 972 Gonorrhea Men- Burning or pain while urinating- The need urinate more frequently- Sore throat- Tender or swollen testicles- Red or swollen opening of the penis- Discharge from the penis- Fever A negative sexual decisioncause you to have emptyrelationships, being left out ofgroup of friends, and can create bad reputation. Some of the emotional effects can be feeling guilt, regret, corruption of character,and depression. One of the ways it can effect you physically is you could get an STI,or an unintended pregnancy. If peer pressure is not managed one of the effects that it can have is getting a STI or having an unintentional pregnancy. - Financially- They will have to get a job- Drop out of school - Time- Stress- Money - Likely hood of goingto collage goes down- Increased chances of poverty, child abuse,crime, and drug abuse Resources
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