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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sex Trafficking in the Ukraine: The Growing Industry "'Don't be confused... nobody takes us by the hair and drags us onto the ships.' She gestures toward the mouth of the port. 'Those are like the gates to freedom for a lot of us...yeah, like the Statue of Liberty'" "Once free, Marina decided she had to try to save her sister despite the risks. She contacted local authorities...and the traffickers arrestedany would expect Marina to give up after so much hardship, but her sisters death only strengthened her resolve...At any time of the day or night, one of Marinas three phones might ring, sending her off to meet another terrified escapee." (Transchel). How are women being targeted and being abducted to be sold on the sex market in the Ukraine? Populationof Israel8 million Populationof NYC19 million Victims of Human Trafficking Worldwide27 million There are some women who are volunteeringthemselves into sex-trafficking. It starts off when theyre young and they enter prostitution.They have pimps but they feel as if they are stuck in the Ukraine. The girls who volunteer themselves to be apart of the human trafficking trade are looking for a sense of freedom. They think that they will be liberated. Marina Transchel is the founder of the Ukrainian NGO, Path to Freedom Organization. She herself was a victim and was trafficked with her sister. She managed to escape and rescue her sister and prosecute her traffickers. Her sister died later from a mysterious car accident. These setbacks didnt stop her from trying to help other just like her. She has experienced the conditions first hand so she know what escapees are feeling. She just wants girls to return home safely. There is a possibility she is still hiding parts of her story for her own safety. In order to find out more about Marina we would needto research more interveiws/articles about her. (Shuster). The [Human Trafficking] chain includes many links such as recruiters, transporters, and exploiters. Recruiters lure victims with promises of well paid jobs through legitimate looking jobs-ads...Marina was desperately seeking work. I found a job in the was a good situation was really desperate it looked like the only way out...When we arrived in Moscow there were two cars waiting for us...we got out and saw a private was the place we were to meet our employer...a man came in but didnt greet us he told us we worked for him...we suddenly knew what type of job this was’” (MTV Exit). The girls who are recruited and trafficked have no idea what theyre signing up for. They are desperate for a job so they dont question its logistics. They sadly dont figure out what theyve done until itstoo late. This a real story told by the girl who was trafficked unwillingly and survived. Her true identity is a secret for her own safety so she can tell her entire story. Even with all these precautions Marina still might be holding parts of her story back in fear of being caught or not wanting to relive her horrors. In order to get a better idea we should look at more documentaries .
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