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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Crux of the Case Conclusion and Recommendation Food and Beverages make up the largest part of retail sales at 9,510 billion INR (ex. 2) 2011 - 2012 teams The youth market prefers retailers to be highly consumer ready.In addition, Tier 1 cities have an overwhelming majority of both current and target markets. Women play an overwhelming in retail apparel shopping which is why SS needs to be ableto meet their demands of customization of traditional clothing. Exhibit Analysis PESTLE Points S = Loyalty Program, Retail Space, & Brand Value Organized Retail Revolutionizing Now 30% growth in 14 yrs The Brand was well connected withthe core, but disconnected fromthe youth. There is also a largedisparity between market share and revenue. The Situation SWOT Analysis SituationalAnalysis Conclusion andRecommendation Bulls-eye! Targeting Youth for Shopper's Stop 51% Ownership in Single Brand Local Retail The Story The Background The youth market isprime for the takingand no competitorshave any solid longterm strategies for it. Case Synopsisand Problem Can Shopper's Stop move with the market? W = Inventory Difficulties, Failing to Fit to Customer O = Youth Market Untapped & Increasing, Brand Value Augmentaion T = Competitors getting the edge due to youth connection Rich Crowd is greater in the urban areas allowing SS to cater to them. (ex. 9) Footfall, Profit, and Retail Space are increasing while Inventory Holding is going down. However, conversions are decreasing which shows that customers are going elsewhere. (ex. 14) Shopper's Stop should focus on hiring in-house designers whilst providing fabrics to ensure quality customization. This is similiar to their successful "DO-IT-YOURSELF" campaign.In addition, they need to follow the E.O.Q Inventory model in order to further increase turnover and maximize efficiency. Lastly, SS should focus on targeting cities which is where most of their revenues are earned.Doing so can ensure that they don't fall behind their competitors.
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