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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 take the 1x1 and nailit to one 2x4.Make sureyou place the nail of the center you easured. September, 1813 September, 1814 December, 1814 The British would notstop attacking U.S. ships. The Star Spangled Bannerwas written by Francis Scott Key who was inspiredby Fort McHenry. The U.S. claimed victoryon the Thames River, and Tucumesh was killed which weakened the NativeAmerican Unity. The war ended with the Treaty of Ghent, and there was no winner. War of 1812 Britain was impressingthe U.S. sailors. We wanted Canada. Before 1812 Before 1812 Britain was suppling the Native Americans with guns and weapons so theycould fight. There was Westwardexpansion due to the weakening in the Native Americans. After 1814 Before 1812 August, 1814 Step 1 2 2x4s length2 1x1s lengthwire fencing6 corner bracketsnailstupies for staple gun Step 2 Sergio how to make trellis Step 3 Take the second 2x4 andnail the 1x4to it using the center marks Step 4 Take 1 corner bracket and screw it to the insidecorner or where the 1x1 and 2x4 meet to create aright angle 90 degreesrepeat step with theremaining corner.Youshould have attacks4 corner brackets. Step 5 One the top frame is secured place the wire fence in the inside of the frame.Cut the fencing 52 inches long. One the top frame issecured place the wirefence in the inside ofthe frame.Cut the fencing52 inches long. Step 6 Find the center ofthe 2x4 and staplethe wire fencing onthe top and sides of the 2x4s. Step 7 Attached the 1x1 to where the fencing ends.See step 2. Step 8 Screw all 4 corner brackets to the 4 corners.See step 4. Step 9 Step 10 Staple the bottom of the fenncing to the 1x1. Spray paint the wood ofthe parts.Finish Trellis.Put the top wood pieceof the top long wood.
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