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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To go into war with the Natives BEFORE or AFTER their conversion to christianity? Sepulveda vs. De Las Casas S: Indians are barbarians! They are servants by nature, even the scholar Aristotle said so. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DLC: Do not use the term barbarians to describe these people. And the way you are applying Aristotle to your argument is unjust! Indians live in harmony and civilized communities just like those of the ancient Roman and Greek civilization. S: They killed and oppress their own people! We must save the innocent! This war can be of great help bring justice for those stolen lives. Again, they have committed inhuman acts we must avenge those lives! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DLC: Well yes they may have committed inhuman acts like cannibalism, but we have to show them that these ways are wrong through the love in Christianity. S: They have committed crimes against natural law. They have practiced idolatry, sodomy, and cannibalism! How can they not be punished! It is in our Spaniard obligation to set out punishment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DLC: Punishment requires jurisdiction. No one has the right to punish the Indians for what they have done. If the Muslims and Jews can live within our society and not be punished why can't they? S: They are infidels and they need Jesus Christ in their lives! We must force Christianity into their lives so that they will learn! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DLC: Do not twist the scripture to defend your beliefs. How could we command the death of so many just to save them from their ignorance? We must peacefully convert them because they are pagans.
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