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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Summary: Andrea wantedto go back to her time butneeded help so Jonah andCatherine went with her tohelp her on her mission to save time. beginning: Andrea finds outshe has been kidnapped fromthe past and needs to go backto her correct time period so shetakes Jonah and Katherine tosave time. Middle: Jonah and Katherinefind out Andrea is working fora guy that sent them to thewrong time period and sothey can't trust him. End: Jonah and Katherineget sent to 1611 becausethe guy Andrea was workingfor created a ripple that maychange time forever. Theme: Sometimes it takes an amateur to do the experts job. Climax: Brendan and Antonioget sent to where Andrea,Jonah and Katherine are tohelp the but they only leadSecond closer to makingthe ripple. Protagonist: Jonah, KatherineAndrea, Brendan,Antonio, and JB Antagonist:Second In the setting it's setin 1600 Americabecause Jonah,Katherine, and Andrea(the amateurs) have tosave time in 1600 whenthey aren't trained to dothis job Characters: Jonah, Katherine,and Andrea don't know how tosave time but they get sent tosave it anyways while Secondand JB sit back and watchwhen they should be helpingbecause they are experts. Character vs. Self: Andreadoesn't know if she's readyto meet with her tracer andbecome Virginia Dare.Character vs. Nature: The3 kids don't know how tosurvive on their own in themiddle of no where. Jonah Andrea Katherine JB Second
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