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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2012 Dropout Stats THE SENIOR EXPERIENCE PT.2 How are students being prepared for "the real world" (collegiate academics or obtaining jobs) after completing their secondary eduation WHO is Jeff Bliss? 1991 Dropout Stats #gethappy Why You No College? description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit + Too Expensive+ Not For Me+ Don't Know What I Want+Nobody In Family Has Gone+ Too Difficult Poll taken to see rough estimate of rate by ethnicity Jeff Bliss was a student at high school who went viral for his recorded rant/speech at a teacher for the "lack of quality teaching.""32% of students not ready for College English courses" Poll taken to see rough estimate of rate by ethnicity White Black All Races Hispanic White Black All Races Hispanic 13% 5% 8% 7% 35% 9% 14% 12.5% 1) Institute of Education Sciences. Fast Facts. U.S. Department of Education. Retrieved from The average increase of college tuition per yearis between 2.5% and 5%. 2) Savings For College LLC. College Savings 101: The Real Cost of Higher Education. Retrieved from Biancarosa, C., & Snow, C. E. (2006). Reading NextA Vision for Action and Research In Middle and High School Literacy: A Report to Carnegie Corporation of New York (2nd ed.).Washington, DC: Alliance for Excellent Education. Retrieved from [Other Citations Available Upon Request] Our Roles As Educators -Support -Guide -Listen -Question
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