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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By : Alfred Veluz My purpose for going to Seneca is tofinish school while enjoying everysecond of it and also making sure that I set myself up for the mostsuccess by getting the best educationpossible. My plans for next semester is to reallyset proper habits for myself and continueto try to network and meet new people.When I finish school I want to be able toeither find a job or be able to travel aroundthe world and finally get some well needed restbefore I continue on my career. Hanging out with friendsplaying video games, oversleeping are all factorsI can mitigate them by not taking so many napsand controlling how oftenI hang out with my friends,and how often I play video games. What motivatesme and how do I get involved with Seneca? Strengths and areas for improvementand what I can do to improve academicperformance: Finishing school and finding myself a job I love is what motivates me, making my family proud motivatesme, making friends is what motivates me.I can get involved with Senecaby going out of my comfort zone andvolunteering with events and showing myschool spirit as much as I can. Plans for next semester and plans for when I finish school: My GPA in Seneca Time Management Career Services Athletics & Recreation Events/Workshops SMILE Mentoring Sticky Notes on your computer to keep ontop of work. Checking Blackboard asoften as possible. During my time in Seneca Imy goal will be a 2.8-3.0 GPAthis would mean I would need to work harder and stay focused. My Seneca Experience My purpose for going to Seneca: My strength is my ability to communicateproperly as well as my ability to relay messageswith accuracy. Areas of improvement is timemanagement as well as my studying habits.I can improve on my academic performanceby starting work early and working hardon what i have in front of me, getting assignmentsdone, and done properly. Factors that make following your plan difficult and ways to mitigate them:
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