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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet Safety Cyber Bullying I learned about coding that there are many ways to do it.I also learned that there aremany ways to make games andmany actions that you can makesomeone or something do.I will apply this to life by usingmy coding skills to help peoplewith things as simple as a glitchin a system like a modpack for a game. Cyber bullying is a big thing. The worse part is that it actuallyexists. What I learned is that people actually do it and itcan lead to bad things like hate, or things even likepeople committingsuicide. I will apply this to my life by staying away from cyber bullies, telling people about it if I get bullied. Internet Safety is important. It ranges from thingslike giving out yourpassword to tellingpeople your name.I use this in real lifebecause I don't want people to know my personal info Google sketch-up is a program that you can usefor many things like youcan use it if you are something like a project manager for construction.You could also use it for fun. If you need to, you can useit for models. I use this in mylife for things like fun if i'm boredand want to do something. Keyboarding is very fun,especially when youget very good at it. Thiscan help us by keepingus up to date at a fast paced job. I use this in my life by using it to myadvantage for projects onthe computer. What I learned this semester is that there are many programson the internet that are veryhelpful. I also learned that keyboarding a lot helps you get better. This will help me for using resources in my life later on. This will also help me because i could help my friends with things like these. I loved this class because it is all about computers.
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