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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Self-scripts and Distributed Educational Influence Horacio Vidosa · Anna Engel · César CollDepartamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación · Facultad de Psicología · Universidad de Barcelona Students have difficulties to engage in truly collaborative processes (Dillenbourg y Hong, 2008; Kobbe et al., 2007)Collaborative scripts to enhance effective interactions for social knowledge construction (Dillenbourg & Tchounikine, 2007)Overscripting: highly structured scripts negatively impact in collaborative processes (Dillenbourg, 2002) Issues Esssential ideas Optimal distance between collaborative scripts and spontaneous processes of students (ZPD, Vygotsky, 1978) (Fisher, Kollar, Stegmann & Wecker, 2013)Distributed Educational Influence DEI (Coll, Bustos, Engel, de Gispert & Rochera, 2013)Learning groups must manage- academic task- participation- meanings regarding the content of teaching and learning Research goals Further understanding of the effect of scripts or patterns of collaborative work in group learning processesAnalyze the optimum degree of coercion on students, avoiding the risk of overscripting Research Design Case study in natural situationSemester core course / Interuniversity Master of Educational Psychology (MIPE)34 students: 6 small groupsContents organized in thematic coresMethodology based on the discussion about mandatory readings and sequence analysis of a caseFace to face sessions and online activitiesFace to face activities in fortnightly sessions:small group discussion about required readingscommon discussion in large groupgroup evaluation about progress resolving the case during the fortnightteacher presentation about the following mandatory readingsOnline activities between face to face sessions:Individual summary work about readings [wiki]Small group case analysis: design an psycho pedagogical intervention plani) define strategies to get informationii) hypothesizeiii) establish specific proposals for action[wiki, forum and small group chat]Instruction: students groups have to design their own self-scriptscover all relevant organizational and operational aspects to conduct a truly collaborative work and the activity of resolving the case with a high level of efficiency and utilization3 groups with general guidelines3 groups with detailed guidelines
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