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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Islamic Empires Abu Bakr- The first caliph of Israel who lead many successful battles. Vocabulary caliph- the title for the highest leader inIslam. Janissaries- slave warriorsused by the Ottomans. Mehmed ll- leader ofTurkish warriors. Suleyman l- Islam king.named himself the Magnificent. Shia- They believed thatcaliphs had to be relatives of Muhammadin order to be a caliph. Sunni- Believed the opposite of the Shia Under Abu Bakr's rule... Arabia was united by so many battles so leaders turned their attention elsewhere. They fought even more battles to gain even more land. Different religions came into play along with new land.the non-Muslims of the lands they conquered were told to dress like andbuild places of worship for Muslims. Christians and Jews were allowedto keep their religion. But they were still second class citizens and had to pay a special tax. Also, they were not allowed to convert others to their religion. Ottoman Empire Safavid Empire Mughal Empire This opened up trading opportunities for Arabs. The trading spread Muslim religion. Muslim Turkish warriors that attacked Constantinople led by Mehmed ll in 1453.They expanded their empire a lot! They followed Sunni Islam. Persian Muslims gaining powerin Iran. This empire began in 1501 when Esma'ilconquered Persia.He made Shiism the official religion and his main goal was to convert everyone to Shiism(Shia). Turkish Muslims that gained powerin India.Their leader, Akbar, was a very peaceful and worked hard to gain land and strength. Was very tolerant about religion. This empire was known for their architecture. The Abbasids made it easier to rule a large government. In 711 an Arab\African tribe called Berbers attacked Spain and won.Then they attacked France but theywere stopped by a Christian armynear Tours.
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