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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Secton 2:America's Road to War Becoming an allie after 3 years of neutrality. Why did America join the world? War Neutrality One of the reasons America joined the war on the allie's side was the sinking of the Lusitania, a passenger boat with American passengerson board. Another reason America joined the war was the revolution in Russia. Woodrow Wilson could now say that it was a war for democracy. The Germans crossed a major line when they sent a telegram to Mexicoasking them to start a war with Americato keep us busy, so we wouldn't join WWI. America's population was largely made up with immigrantsall of these immigrants wanted help their home country,because of this President Wilsonwanted to avoid war. He couldn'tjoin the war if his people didn't approve, and no matter what side he chosea lot of Americans would be upset. The second reason some Americans wanted to avoid was was the cost.Wars were very expensive. This is a poster that discouraged the use of German, Italian, and any of the languages of the countries that faught against the Allies. Finally, the last reason wassimply because America wasn't involved in the conflict. European countries started the conflict so theyshould face the consequences of theAlliance System. Eventually however the reasons to join the war outweighed the reasons to stay neutral, and America joined the Allies on April 6th, 1917. By: Hannah Tetreault
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