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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Transition to a Government spending money and regulating to allow white middle/upper class more economic freedoms Second New Deal Eletrification Rural Rural Electrification Agency: brought electrical power to homes lacking it and gave Americans opportunity to buy more household appliance- (buy more key word) Improving Infrastructure through soil conservation- but overall the farmer's struggle didn't end and act failed to bring farmer life into new economy Agency Abandonment of Laisse Faire aiding: unemployed, disabled, dependent families- giving permanent social security hired many diverse workers that fixed infrastructure and allowed for more walks of life to experience music and theatrical stuff- double click to change this header text! Work Progress Administration- "Every Man Who wants to work" should have a job- the thought that government has the role to protect citizens economically and now "liberalism" gives the government an active social role under FDR a minimum Wage Law was passed and judicial branch accepted New Deal Allowed Poorest Americans the ability to live in a home and Labor Standards finally gave better working conditions and standards to workers Election of 1936: Soil Conservation Social Security Act United States Housing Act and Fair Labor Standards: Helping Typical Americans: Helping Farmers and those working under them:
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