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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Glengarry County: A Scottish Settlement 1773 1784 1785 1786 1790 1792 1793 1812 1805 This timeline outlines the nine major emigrations from western Inverness to the county of Glengarry. The majority of immigrants came from thedistricts: Glen Garry, Lochiel, Knoydart and Glenelg of western Inverness however, Highlanders from other parts of Scotland also settled in Upper Canada during this time. The Scottish immigrants who settled Glengarry County of Upper Canada were largely family groups and neighbours that had originally resided in the same geographical district in western Inverness, Scotland. These immigrants were generally middle class farmers that left the Highlands because of the economic changes that had swept across Scotland during the end of the eighteenth century and the early part of the nineteenth century. (3E) Highlanders: Glengarry County gets its name from the western Inverness district, Glen Garry, Scotlandfrom which most of the Highland immigrants originated. Over a forty year period, starting in 1773, nine major emigration groups settled Glengarry Country to make itone of Upper Canadas first European settlements (3E). This Scottish settled county was a homogenous community of Loyalists whose residences generally spoke the same language and held close family ties to one another. Crown land was easily obtainedby immigrants arriving prior to 1797, however due to decreasing number of lots availablein the county, changes to landgranting regulation and the financial state of the immigrants, obtaining land after 1800 became difficult for new arriving Highlanders. Despite the new struggles to purchase land, these late-coming immigrants chose to temporarily stay with friends orrent land until property became available for purchase in order to remain living near family and neighbours in a traditional Gaelic community. Did You Know? In 1871, Glengarry's population had reached 20 524 residents. Out of this population 77% (or 15 899 Glengarrians) were of Scottish origin.(Games) Glengarry Country, Upper Canada: Life in Scotland: The Scottish immigrants of western Inverness immigrated to Upper Canadalargely because of the economic pressures that arose from the commercial development sweeping over Scotland at the time. The introduction of large-scale sheep farms and increasing rent caused many families to immigrate to Canada as capitalist land development made it difficult for communities to make a living from the land. (Essay) Although settlers chose to immigrate to Canada where land was available to own, this choice to move from their beloved native land was notforced upon them. Instead, settlers willingly moved to Canada in order to acquire land and maintain their traditional values within a Gaelic community of family groups and neighbours.
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