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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The percent ofpeople/scoresthat occur at orbelow a givenscore. Raw Score Percentile T Score T = 50 + 10z(z- SD awayfrom mean) Ex. 13 correct A way toexpress testperformance. Mean 50SD 10 Rose is in the40th percentilein her class.She scored aswell or above 40%of the students thattook the test ScaledScore Specific subset scores Scores the many of Brandon got30 wordscorrect on thespelling test Ex. 14th percentile The conversion of astudents raw score toa common scale thatallows for a numericalcomparison. (1-19)mean of 10 The number of items/questions answered correct. StandardScore The score has beenchanged to fit thenormal curve. Themean and standarddeviation are thesame across ages Ex. score of 130 Mean 100Standard Deviation 15 A standard score of 70 is2 standard deviations belowthe mean (average score).The score would representborderline low average andplace he/she in the bottom2.27 percent of the class. Stanines AgeEquivalent GradeEquivalent (Standard Nines)Standard score that has a mean of5 and SD of 2(range 1-9) A stanine of 9is 2 SD abovethe mean(5)(5+2+2) Ex. Stanine of 3 A general score that isused to compare the performance of childrenat the same age.(age level) Ex. 10-11 A students scores3-7. That student isperforming as anaverage 3 year, 7month old child. A very general scorethat is used to compareperformance based onsame grade level A students scoreis 5.3. that studentis performing as anaverage 5th grader,3 months. Ex. 4.6 Ex. 70 Ex. 11 types With a scaled scoreof 4 a student isclassified as wellbelow average. A studentsT score of60 is 1 SDabove themean.
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