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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Freshwater Biomes and Their Biotic Factors What Are the Producersin This Biome? Water Lilies are found floating on the top of freshwater lakes.They produce seeds, which are an important food source for many organisms in that biome. Reeds have circular hollow stems, and are found in shallow freshwater biomes. Cattails are always found near or in water.They're one of the main food sources in the freshwater food chain. Algae is the base of the freshwater food chain. They are usually found floating in water, or attached to rocks or aquatic plants. Duckweed floats beneath the surface, or on the surface of a freshwater biome. They're a very important resource to freshwater organisms. Most plants have stems that blend easily with the movement of water. 1. Water2. Fish3. Mussel4. Turtles5.Algae6. Grass7.Crayfish Water Lilies Algae Duckweed Reeds Cattails What are The Consumers in This Biome? Axolotl They have branch-like gills with a dark colored body. It's body is very slim with very short legs Beaver They generally weigh over 60 lbs., with a reddish-brown color Turtle They are very large with flippers that allow them to swim great lengths. They also weigh from 85-100 lbs. Grizzly bear Their color will range from light tan to dark brown. They have short round ears and a shoulder hump. Adaptations A turtle's shell can change its position so the turtle's neck and limbs don't affect the turtle's ability to swim What recourses are provided by this biome?
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