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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Force is an push or pull. Balanced forces are when its in motion unbalanced forces is when it's not moving. Drag is when your like rolling on roller skates and you go in the grass and you stop. Newton's first law is " An object at rest stays at rest,an object in motion,stays in motion. A real life example for newtons law is like when you have a ball and your no playing with it it says in place . Newton's third law is "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A real life example for Newton's third law is like when you have two big and small balls on a shelf and you have two bowls on the floor both will ball at the same time but the other one will make a bigger splash I would have made it shorter so it would go farther. It changes it because you would need a certain amount. The weight of the clay effects the straw rocket because if you put to much than it will not go far but if you put a little bit of clay it will go far. tap and hold to changethis text! The length of the straw effected it because if it's too long it wouldn't go as far when it's a ok size it would go farther. The motion of an object gets effected of the mass of an object because if your straw rocket has so much stuff on it (a lot of clay,your straw is really long,you have fins all over it ,you put pounds of tape on it) than it would be able to go that far. The motion of the object gets effected by the force because it has to have that motion to go far so if it has no force there is a chance it might not move at all. The mass of an object effects the force needed to move it is really important because if you straw rocket has too much mass the is a possibility that the force will not push or move it as far due to weight.
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