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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Timer Shooting Blood Banks Control Lights As many soldiers lost their legs and arms mainly, orthopedic systems were designed to replace their ornags with wood ones. Plastic Surgery Unsinkable Costume Prosthesis Handley Page O series was first designed to attack Germany and, after war, many planes were destinated to passenger travels, creating Handley Page Transport Company. the first Airline. As well known even at those times, mosquitos are carriers of thousands of viruses and, for protectiong soldiers, this spray was created. Flame-thrower In combat, not only men had to be away from gas, but also horses. Germans were the first to create this protective masks for them. Anti-Mosquitos Spray Used as lethal weapons, the flame-throwers were first introduced by the German Army, gaining a lot of advantage over others. First World War Thanks to the Australian Army and with a water system, some weapons shooted 10 or 5 seconds after the trigger was pulled. This helped to distract the enemy. French people designed this costume which, as it name refers, avoided their user to sink into the water. The pioner of reconstructive surgery, Harold Gillies, was the first to try them, mostly caused by fire guns on the face. Designed by: Valeria Cornejo Nieto Scientific and Technological Advances of Many soldiers at WWI died because they hadn't and inmediat donant, so Oswald Robertson had the idea of classifying types of blood on bags to transport it. Airlines This system of lights allowed to recognise airplanes far away just by the light they released. Anti-gas Horses Masks
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