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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Timeline Of Atom Development and the Periodic Table John Dalton {1766-1844} {1856-1940} JJ Thomson 1. John Dalton had a theory and later proved it that there were little things inside of all matter caled atoms.2. Also Dalton stated that these little particles called atoms were to small to be devided any further.3 .Daltons model was centered around five basic theories and helped him create his model.4. One of the theories is that elements are made of atoms,second it says that every element has the same number of atoms.5.Lastly his theories stated that atomic weight is how to tell differnt elements apart. { 1871-1937}Ernest Rutherford 1. JJ Thompson created his model thinking that the nuclues was tiny and in the dirrect center of every atom2. Also he stated that the rest of the soace was made up of electrons that had a negitive charge.3. The entire rest of the atom was called a ball of positve charge.4. In his model he said that the negitivly charged eletrons orbited around the nucleus.5. Many people call his model the plum pudding model becuase of the elctron capsules that were in a ball of positve charge. 1. Rutherford said that the nucleus was a tiny compact center of the atom.2. He also stated that the electrons were light and not dense and negively charged.3. His theory said that the elctrons revolved around the nuclues.4. In his model he compares the electrons to plantets around the sun.5. He said that postive particles would move 7,000 times! {1885-1962} Neil Bohr 1.The atom in his model was dicribed as a small positvely charged nuclues.2. His model was surounded also by electrons orbiting the entire nuclues.3. He dicrovered that electrons travel in separate orbits around the nuclues.4. His liquid droplet was the first attempt to spilt uranium atoms.5. He found that the number of electrons in the outer orbit tells the properties of an element. {1891-1974}James Chadwick 1. He made an important discovery in nucluer science which led to his discovery.2. He proved the existence of neutrons.3. He paved the way to the fuission of uranium-235.4. He helped create the atomic bomb through his dicoveries.5. Chadwicked won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the nuetron. Huy Nguyen Huy Nguyen
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