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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COLOR BLINDNESS COLOR BLINDNESS Unaffected Male Affected Female Carrier Child THE GENE RESPONSIBLE FORCOLOR BLINDNESS IS ONTHE "X" CHROMOSOME There is a 50% chance ofa MOTHER passingthe color blindness trait to her son More males are affected by Color Blindness.The females are usually just the carrier Color Blindness Punnet Square and Key: KEY: Color Blind Female/Carrier Affected Female Unaffected Male FUN FACT: Facebook is primarily blue becauseMark Zuckerburg suffers fromred-green color blindness! Color Blind Male XX XY* XX* XY Y X* X X XX* XX XY XY* COLOR BLINDNESS: A reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors. Red/Green or Blue color blindness ispassed down from parents 99% of all color blind people are suffering from red/green color blindness Protanopia: Color-blindness resulting from insensitivityto red light, causing confusion of greens, reds, and yellows Tritanopia: A rare form of color blindness resulting from insensitivity to blue light, causing confusion between blues and greens Deuteranopia: Color blindness resulting from insensitivity to green light, causingconfusion to greens, reds,and yellows Monochromatism: Completecolor blindness in which all colors appears as shadesof one color
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