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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 -10 Wavelength (m) Electromagnetic Spectrum Electromagnetic wave with lowestfrequency usedfor communication The EM wave usedin communicationand cooking EM wave absorbed by skin and can beused for heaters and toasters. An EM used to sterilise surgical instrumentsand kill bacteria The narrow bandof EM waves thatare eyes can see Types of Waves Uses of Waves Radio Waves Microwaves Infrared Rays Ultraviolet rays X-rays Gamma rays Visible Light Safety Precautions 400 * 10 -9 10 -8 0.0000004 10 -2 10000<m>0.1 10 -12 Transmit television programes Transmission of coded data Heat up or cook foods Aircraft and ship radars Fixed traffic cameras Burglar alarms Television and DVD remotes Thermal imaging To see things Avoid potential dangers Allows us to see colours Darkening human skin (sun tan) Kill microbes EM wave found in sunlight and can cause cancerous cells Sterilise surgical equipment An EM wave ofhigh energy thatpasses through tissue but is stoppedby bone Airport security checks Brain scans X-ray photos of human bones Kill cancerous cells Sterilising medical equipment Sterilising foods Do not put metals inside.No flammable substances.Do not use if door doesn't close. Use safety glasses.Never go in front of the primary beam.Use interlock switch. Use sunscreen.Use the shadeLimit exposure to the sunUse hats and sunglasses. Transmit radio programes The speed of all electromagnetic waves in a vacuum is:3 * 10 8 m/s Microwaves X-rays UV Rays
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