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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Destruction of Coral Reefs Brief Background on Coral Reefs Coral reefs have been around for as long as we can remember. They are homes to thousands of species of animals and plants. Without coral reefs, the entire ocean as we know it would be different. It changes our world tremendously. Why Should We Care? Coral Reefs are essential for the ocean, and all its living organisms. If coral reefs were taken away, a major chain reaction would start, and soon there would be a collapse in ecosystems in the ocean. Unfortunately, coral reefs are already being harmed. Almost 10% of the population of coral reefs have already been killed or damaged beyond repair. Puerto Rico holds a large percentage of coral reefs, but people who live there get there fish around these coral reefs. Inexperienced fishermen catch and sell fish around there. Sometimes they blow up the reefs so the nets won't get caught. Overall 90% of the coral reefs around Puerto Rico are hurt or killed. If we don't do something now, soon there will be none. What can we do? You don't need to live near a coral reef to help one. There are simple ways to help coral reefs from our own homes. The easiest way: save water. The less water used, the less polluted water that goes to the oceans. Help reduce pollution. Walking or riding a bike instead of driving, or throwing your wrappers in the recycle not the trash can help reduce pollution. If you live near reefs, contact people who can help protect coral reefs from inexperienced fishers. And most of; spread the word. We need coral reefs. Help save them.
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