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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -purple saxifrage-arctic willow-arctic poppy-wood and wire rush-dryas-kobresia shrubs-sedges-moss Baffin Coastal Tundra Terrestrial Ecosystem Tundra Biome -rocky coast-located at the north coast of Baffin Island-Short summers and long winters Flora -polar bear= omnivore= secondary-wolves= carnivore= secondary-arctic hare= omnivore= primary-arctic fox= carnivore= secondary-lemming= omnivore= primary-caribou= herbivore= primary-snow bunting= omnivore= unknown (comes for breeding purposes only)-hoary redpoll= omnivore= unknown (comes for breeding purposes only)-plover= insectivore= unknown (comes for breeding purposes only)-northern fulmar= carnivore= unknown (comes for breeding purposes only)-rock ptarmigan= herbivore= primary-king eider= carnivore= unknown (comes for breeding only) Fauna Lichen and Fungus Mutualistic relation Lichen reduces the CO2 into sugars which feeds the fungus.Fungus retains water and collects minerals for the lichen. Parasitic Relation Liver Tapeworm Cysts and Various Animals The liver tapeworm cysts tend to stay and grow in the bodies of various animals(moose, caribou, and even wolves). The tapeworms eat the food that the host eats. This leads to malnutrition in the host's body. Commensalism Relation Caribou and Arctic Fox Arctic fox follows the caribou while it searches for lichen.When the caribou digs up the soil, the arctic fox comes tohunt subnivean mammals that have surfaced.It doesn't harm the caribou and helps the arctic fox. Producers Consumers Official Arctic Circle Caribou Producer's role } Consumer's roles The producers provide food forthe primary consumers whichgives secondary and tertiary consumers food. The consumer's sustain the amount of plant lifeand animal life in the tundra. Some consumersprovide food to other consumers.
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