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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE PROCESS OF... EVOLUTION! During the school year, I have learned many lessons in Science, but one of my favorite is the process of evolution. Evolution is basically how the Earth came to be. Many people believe in evolution. However, some people may have different beliefs in how things formed. Scientists believed of how the Earth changed is periodically. Time was crucial in the process, things did not happen in a few short days. They as well believed that human have progressed and changed by other organisms. Proving a point that some organisms share a common ancestor. In the chapter 10, or evolution, it says for an example that whales share a common ancestor with animals that have walked on land. A big part of their theory is fossils. Fossils are prints of an animal in rock. Over the years, scientists have found and collected different fossils, wether it is a dinosaur or not. They keep it closed in record called the fossil record. The fossil record tells the history of organisms and how they evolved. In conclusion, evolution happens over time. Depicting where an organism lives and influence their survival. If the animal is in a different area it adapts and becomes something different. A whole new species forms. We all know good things come to an end. Unfortunately a species would die out and become extinct. This here is the process of evolution.
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