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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Science and Engineering Project The three scientists I chose for my project are Archimedes, Aristotle, and Thales. In this project I will say their contributions to science and technology. Archimedes was born 287 BC and he died 212 BC . In his span of technology he created several war machines to hold back Romans during the siege of Syracuse. He also built a giant convex mirror that burned the Roman ships. A sphere was also constructed by him that imitated heavenly bodies. Towards the science part he also did many things. He came up with many mathematical equations that we still use today. He found that the circumference of a circle is less than 3 1/7 and greater than 3 10/71 times the diameter. Archimedes put the ratio the exact value of circumference to diameter (known as pi.) Aristotle was born 384 BC and he died 322 BC. His father, Nichomachas who was court physician to King Amyntas |||, father to Philip ||, and grandfather to Alexander the Great. I did not find anything on his behalf for contribution to technology. So on to science with him. I found little about his science also and I am not sure it is really science. He went to study at the Academy of Athens. He did not finish that for when his father died he trained in the fundamental skills of medicine. Thales was born in 684 BC and died in 546 BC. Thales life is not perfectly plotted out but they can make a few good estimations to when things happened for him. He predicted the solar eclipse of May 28th. 585 BC. Thales died at age 78 during the 58th. Olympiad and attributes his death to heat stroke while watching the games. I did not find anything on technology for him either. Afro science I added stuff about math also. Unlike other Greeks who related there phenomena to gods and heroes, he tried to explain natural phenomena with reference to processes that naturally occurred. Thales treated matter as being alive. Which came to his hypothesis about earthquakes was that the earth was floating and when there was an earthquake it was caused by waves. He said, Megiston topos: hapanta gar chorei translated it means, "space is the greatest thing, as it contains all things". Sources: https://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Thales
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