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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Partner 2 Genesis Cibrian Describe the Tragedy. How and Why this Common is being depleted. You must includea picture of thecommon being exploited.The Common is being depleted because if someone dumps a load of waste watertheriver could become polluted. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Partner 1 Crystal Grijalva Describe the Commons. You must include a picture of the commons that represents what it would looklike under normal, sustainable situation.The fishes and the waterthat in the waterways arecommon resources that fish and humans need. Partner 3 Eduardo Vasquez Describe how the tragedy would relate to population growth.You must includea picture that represents population growth.The population growth would be a tragedybecause once the water gets polluted peoplecan no longer swim and boat in it.Also if the water gets polluted it people cant drink water from the river. Partner 4 Ricky Montero Describe any limiting factors that would occur for the tragedy.Include a graph of the population growth.Less boats on water ways causes less oil spills and the limiting amount of fish catching. This section is for all 4 partners Brainstorm ways this tragedy could be overcome to reach sustainability.You must include a picture that represents the strategy and how it relates to your common Tragedy of the Waste in our Waterways Crystal- You could fish only like 2 times a year limiting the oil spills and the trash that fishermans throw and no swimming in public rivers and water habitats. Eduardo- What we could do is we could dump the waste water somewhere. Somewhere thatsnot close to the river so it doesnt get polluted.
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