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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infographic on Forest Management and Rice Production in Mt. Makiling Different Kinds of Fertilizers Biogroe Mykovam Vamri Different Kinds of Forest Ecosystems Helps nourish the plants in Mt. Makiling by giving Minerals and Nutrients. Increases the rate of Photosynthesis Agricultural Practices Crop Rotation Preservation of Fertile Soil Ashes give the soil more nutrients Lingering Fungi and Time Consuming Pollutes the air with smoke Slash and Burn 🔥 Monoculture Cheaper and high productivity of successful crops Depletes Nitrogen levels in the soil Plowing Well-tilled seedbed Major soil erosion Deforestation: No trees to provide food and shelter for animals Pollution: Causes Acid Rain which kills Animals and Plants Human Activities that affect photosynthesis and nutrient cycles -and-cons-of-monoculture/ Different Kinds of Local Plants Temperate Forest Ecosystem: Found in regions where the temperature changes from summer to winter. The tallest trees in the world such as the redwood and sequoias are found here Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem: Home to thousands of species. Receive an average of 80inc. of rain a year. Temperature doesn't change much. Usually warm and muggy system/forest-ecosystem-types-characteristic-featu res-and-structure/28240/ Plant 1: It grows taller than most of the other plants around it so that it can absorb more sunlight Plant 2: It grows away from the other plants around it so that it won't have to fight with the other plants for nutrients Plant 3: It grows on other plants so that it will have priorities when it comes to the different factors affecting photosynthesis Thanks to the constant rainfall in the Philippines, rice is able to grow in abundance. Rice Polisher, Rice Dehullier, Rice Grader are some of the many examples of machines that help produce rice in the Phillipines
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