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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Genetically Modified Organisms by Joshua Lantis *Adoption of these genetically modified crops has steadily grown in the U.S. What is a GMO (genetically modified organism)? *Any organism that has had its DNA manipulated in a labratory Why use GMOs in everyday life? *Genetic modifications can help crops in many ways, such as making them pest-resistant or simply improving flavor. Public Opinion on eating GMF (genetically modified food) based off of an ABC survey 52% believe it is unsafe 13% areunsure 35% are finewith it In addition, in the same ABC survey, 93% of the publicsaid the government should require identifying labelson genetically modified food. There are no national laws in the U.Sthat require GMF to be labeled oridentified in any way. At least 26 countries now have partial/full bans on GMOs/GMF, including France, Germany, Russia, and more The FDA does not believe labeling of GMOs because there is no evidence that this modified food has any major different quality An experiment on rats showed that rats that ate GMOs were approximately 35% more likely to die from kidney/liver tumors than rats who did not. Below arethe statistics. 0 20 40 60 80 Male Normal Rats Female Normal Rats Male GMO Rats Female GMO Rats percent of rats that died ofa liver/kidney tumor TypeofRat There are approximately 30K GMOson grocery shelves today. It is estimated that70% of Americanprocessed foodcontains some typeof GMO. Studies are stillinconclusive on thelong-term effectsof GMOs. SOURCES Articles/ Information Pictures
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