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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harrison' sCave 1931 Solution Cave Allen View, Barbados 15 million people unem The Antillean fruit-eating bat is an organism that lives in Harrison's Cave. It has white to yellow hair and grows to about 100 millimeters in length and weighs 45 grams. Its diet includes papaya, mango, almonds, and nectar. The caves are formed by water erosion through limestone rock resulting in the unusual stalactites and stalagmites. Some unique facts about Harrison's Cave:You can get married in the cave.You can take a tour of the cave.It is one of the "Seven Wonders Of Barbados."Its waterfalls form deep emerald pools at the end. One of the cave formations are stalactites. Stalactites form by water seeping into a limestone cave that drips form the ceiling. Calcite will form thin hollow tubes known as soda straws. As water flows along the soda straw, it makes the shape of a icicle.The other cave formation are stalagmites. Stalagmites form by water dripping from the ceiling of a cave or from stalactite deposits on the floor, which creates a stalagmite from the ground up. tap and hold to changethis text! To get to Harrison's Cave from Philadelphia, fly from Philadelphia International Airport to Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados. You can then drive to Harrison's Cave. Once you are there, you can take an electrically operated tram to the lowest point in the cave. You can also have a 45 minute bat exploration tour. i/Harrison'
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