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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cri Du Chat Syndrome By Diana Drohan Cri Du Chat Syndrome (CDC) is a chromosomal abnormality which results in learning difficulties. It affects the body, by giving a high cry at birth, low weight at birth, a small head and a, "moon" face, a developmental delay, small, protruding teeth, and they are given a normal life span. There is no general part of the body that is affected To cause this disease, there is a missing short arm from the 5th chromosome. This is a type of mutation, known as a deletion. CDC is not a sex-linked disorder. There is a problem that occurs in the 5th chromosome. It is somewhat recessive, because unless there is history of the syndrome in the family, then the syndrome should be out of the blue. 20% of cases are inherited. At this time, there are no known treatments, medications, or gene therapy that can cure CDC. Genetic counseling is not an option for CDC. The tests that are done to see if a child has CDC, are Amniocentesis, and Chorionic Villius Sampling (CVS). Amniocentesis looks at chromosomes in cells that have fallen off of the baby. CVS takes a piece of the placenta and looks at chromosomes. CDC is not common in a certain group of people. CDC affects 1:50,000 people worldwide. New information that I learned from my research, is the main difficulties of CDC. The difficulties are feeding difficulties, speech and walking delay, constipation, toilet training difficulty, drooling and behavior problem, a visual, hearing, fine motor skills, and a sleep problem. 20% Are Affected
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