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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hi, I am a horse, I am one of 2 extant subspecies of Equus Ferus,belonging to the taxonomic familyEquidae. I am found all aroundthe world, and I am an animal that can be domesticated. I often live on farms and when it is time to herdor gather cows, or sheep or other farm animals horses assist the farmers and ranchers by giving the farmer/rancher higher statureand a greater view of where the farm animals are, I also am transportation andI compete in races for humans.I am not a sociable animal, I do not like being in herds of my kind. Hi I am a zebra and I am a species of African Equids (Horse Family). Identified bymy black and white stripped coat. I am a very sociable animal, I live in herds of my kind. I am notan animal that can be domesticated. I am found in Africa,and I help nature (Ecosystem) by being a consumer. Now We PresentTo You Our New Hybrid Organism... The Zebroid! This Ad is Brought To You By The Hybridization Industries Hi I am a Zebroid, half Horse and Zebra. I am foundin Africa and all around the world. I was made during the 19th century. My coat is stripped with big sections of white. I am a very sociable animal though I like to be alone sometimes, I canalso be domesticated. I am aconsumer and I also help mankind with transportation, competitions, and I am veryhelpful in gathering cattle infarms. For More Information Please Contact Us 1-800-000-ZEBROID
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