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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACTS Zellweger syndrome is a disorder caused by mutations in genes that encode peroxins.In almost all cases, patients have mutations that inactivate or greatly reduce the activity of both the maternal and paternal copies of PEX genes. 1in 50,000 individuals are affected by Zellweger syndrome Zellweger syndrome is one of three peroxisome biogenesis disorders which belong to the Zellweger spectrum of peroxisome biogenesis disorders (PBD-ZSD). Here it is."hello Zellweger syndrome" Zellweger syndrome is associated with impaired neuronal migration, and brain development. In addition, individuals with Zellweger syndrome can show a reduction in central nervous system (particularly cerebral). Myelin is critical for normal CNS (central nervous system)functions, and in this regard, serves to insulate nerve fibers in the brain. Patients can also show degeneration that leads to a progressive loss of hearing and vision. ZELLWEGER SYNDROME Did you know? Signs and symptoms By Tejas Cause Treatment There is no cure for Zellweger syndrome.Since the metabolic and neurological abnormalities that cause the symptoms of Zellweger syndrome are caused during fetal development, treatments to correct these abnormalities after birth are limited. Most treatments are symptomatic and supportive. Uninfected Carrier Carrier Affected Uninfected Uninfected Uninfected Uninfected Uninfected Carrier Carrier Organisations and scientists Most likely affected National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is currently a lab working on a lot of diseases including Zellweger syndrome. There currently are no organisation for this disease because there are no cure for it yet who knows maybe we will find the cure soon. Affected Affected Peroxisome biogenesis disorder is a group of three diseases this includes Zellweger
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