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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Comparison between Geography, Economy, Transportation, and Society By Jerry Fu and Joe Cho Population North: 7/10 South: 3/10 Transportation The Early North and South States Canals and railroads were the dominant type of transportation in the North The South's transportation was dependent on the steamship; although railroads did exist. Railroad Mileage North: 7/10 South: 3/10 Economy Cities in the North developed as centers of trade.Many of the factories focused on textiles.The economy of the North was based on manufacturing. Factories Large Farms "North and South: Different Cultures, Same Country."Civil War Trust. A&E Networks, n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015. Education Public education started forthe first time in America in the North. Education was anorganized program. Almosteveryone attended grammar schools. Because children were neededto work on farms, they wererarely given any education.Education was not neededto run a plantation. Engineers were 6x more likely to be from the North than the South. North: 4/5 South: 1/5 North: 1/5 South: 4/5 Bower, Bert, and Jim Lobdell. History Alive!: The United States through Industrialism. Palo Alto: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2005. Print. Although slaves were somewhat used in the North, the economy did notentirely dependon slavery. Slavery Slaves were a huge portion in economy for the South. Almostevery farm/plantation had slavesfor labor. Slaves were even morein demand after the cotton gin was invented. (The cotton ginseparated the cotton seeds from the cotton substance, resulting in the need for more helping hands) Ratio of Southern citizens to Southern Slaves SouthernCitizens: 2/3 SouthernSlaves: 1/3 Slavery became a main factor in the South'seconomy. There were farms that grew cash crops suchas cotton. The economy in the South was based on agriculture. Geography Warm, humid summersand cold, snowy winterswere prevalent in the North.There were short growing seasons because the coldmade farming difficult.There were clear, fast riversdotted all over the North.People took advantageof the river by using the waterpower to run their factories. In the South, the climate was mainly warm and sunny. There were long summers,mild winters, and lots of rain. All of these factors made farmingoptimal in the South, as well asthe fertile soil.
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