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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ocean Pollution of plastic ends in in the ocean of plastic ends up in landfills of plastic is recycled annually 50% 47% 3% HAPPY Do you really want these fish dead?!?!?! Over of trash in the ocean 720 million tons Over 1 million fish die every year of pollution! No! Not me and my friends! Each is 80 millions pounds of trash The worlds oceans play a very important part in human survival.They offer us food, transportation, and even entertainment!They have very advanced and important ecosystems and so many intersecting things just waiting to be explored!So why do we treat them so badly, with dumping garbage and sewage in them?Even just the sound of a motor boat can have drastic affects on the oceans! When at the beach, pick up and garbage! A little goes a long way! Soultion If its yellow, let it mellow! If its brown, flush it down!In other words, don't waste water so then less water will be dumped in the ocean!
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