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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Major Issues with Iraq and the United States Amount of time and lives spent lost in the Middle East A total of 4,491 US service members were killedEvery hour taxpayers in the United States are paying $365,297 for Cost of War in Iraq. Amount of Money spent on the last 5 warsRed-IraqGreen-AfghanYellow- GulfGrey-VietnamBlue- Korean War Why we started a war with Iraq Our invasion began in 2003. The US joined the UK and launched a "shock of awe" surprise attack. But issues started before this on 9/11 and the Gulf War. Lifestyle of middle easterns. They watch short plays sometimes and go to markets. They also use water taxis. They have manuals on how to live a better Middle Eastern life.They have sweeta night clubs like the "Dirty Vegas" "Sister Bliss" and "Podium Lodge" The difference between us and Iraqi citizens There are around 22,675,617 people in Iraq and there is 316.1 million people in the us.Most of the diseases in Iraq are from Dirty drinking water and food. Most of our illnesses is the common flu which isn't nearly as big of a dealIn Iraq around 6 civilians a day and killed by suicide bomb attacks. . and f
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