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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Help our World Today and Save the Amur Leopards Help our World Today and Save the Amur Leopards double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Day by day, the very minimal number of Amur leopards are dwindling down. With a 2007 census, only 14-20 adults, and 5-6 cubs are left in the entire universe. (LOGOS) The Amur Leopard are very important when it comes to its own habitat. It keeps the numbers of its prey in balance. If not for this species, its prey could overflow the community, which would affect the surrounding animals, and even humans badly. The Amur leopard has a distinct DNA compared to the other leopards. Biodiversity is a key in an ecosystem. (Kordas 7) The leopards help maintain a healthy and proper environment for itself, and the other animals in its food web. If the Amur leopard go extinct, its prey will soon overpopulatewhich can create a problem in the whole area, for animals, plants, and even humans. (Kordas 7) This species is a key in its entire environment. If they go extinct, the entire food web of the Amur leopard would be chaos. It would be like a ripple affect, extinction, after extinction, after extinction. (EPISTROPHE) The Amur leopard is a valuable, and rare species that helps its entire ecosystem, and maintains order in it. To help save these leopards you can go online to WWFs site, and adopt an Amur leopard or you can donate to the World Wildlife Fund. It gives the group money to keep trying to find ways to keep the species alive and well. Adopt one today, and you can receive a stuffed animal of a Amur Leopard, a certificate of your real living Amur leopard, a photo of your leopard, and a gift bag. (KAIROS) There needs to be no more pain, no more suffering, and no more loss of hope for these animals. (ASYNDETON) We all need to donate to WWF, and help save the Amur Leopards to help our world become a more safe environment. Call for Help By: Ava Racz
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