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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Save our Big Mountain Cats Killing Big mountain cats are often killed as a trophy or to show of(1). Killing big mountain cats is bad Please stop killing my kind although no laws have beenmade in 1972 Governor Ronald Reaganfroze trophy hunting and got over117 citizens from California to donate to help save big mountain cats(1). But today trophy hunting is still going on. Laws Moutainlion lynx bobcats cougars stray house cats mistakenfor big mountain cats pie chart of big mountain cats left Endangered All though these cats are not endanger people worry about losing these cats(1). (1) Mountain lion Foundation double click to change this title text! After The Hunt (2)google form We have recently taken a goggle forms survey with 22 students(2). We interviewed two of the students to see why they chose its good to kill big mountain cats(2). Student Chloe Voss said"Well... It all depends on the population. Say that the population was overproportionate, and the population of bunnies is decreasing rapidly, the rangers might have to kill a few to keep the populations balanced"(1). And student Robert Scott said"Good beacause hunting is very fun and they are not endanger yet"(2). double click to change this header text! Big mountain cats are also killed for public safety,but what people don't realize is that thereare other ways to protect there community. There are many foundations to protect and rescue the cats, but people keep killing them. Check out our commercial on goggle drive IMG_1790.MOV
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